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I have uploaded a torrent today by taking instructions from a reputable source. I used BC and a tracker from TPB. Now what? I have done all i can but i cannot find it on TPB, or anywhere. It says there are 4 peers inc me UL it. How will i know if it is available to DL, by how many people, and when will it be listed on TPB, if ever?

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First thing to do is make certain that you are seeding the torrent.

Now if other peers appear, then you know that those others have obtained the torrent. The only place they could have obtained it from was TPB, so your torrent must be listed there.

TBP has been having its share of problems lately, including problems with its search engine not finding torrents that are known to be present -- torrents which CAN be found by laboriously combing the category listing. But if you've got downloaders then you know others are finding and successfully downloading the .torrent, otherwise you wouldn't see them.

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