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Bitcomet Passport Panel problem


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I seem to be having a problem with my passport panel. It may not be a huge issue but I wasn't sure if this would affect my download/uploads at all.


As you can see, the page won't load and it says that it is probably because I don't have a specific file I need. When I click on the option that says "Search online for the download" nothing happens. Also, down at the bottom it shows that I am logged in so I'm not sure if I am showing up as logged in and whether or not it was that big a deal.

I am using version 1.15 on windows xp. I have a cable modem and a linksys router. Port is forwarded and I have a static ip address.

Thanks for the help in advance :)

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Read here about passport.

As for checking if you are really logged on to passport, just head, for example, to http://www.tocomet.com/ while BitComet is running.

Check the right-hand upper corner of the page. If you are logged in, that means you are logged on the passport and were automatically logged on the site.

Try a clean reinstall of BitComet to see if it fixes your problem, if it nags you.

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