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BitComet 1.15 Statistics Pane


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Some comments on the new statistics pane.

(1) I like the new 'Share Ratio' - it should encourage down loaders to keep giving back to the community.

(2) the old statistics pane showed a number that appeared to be the average download speed so far, and this remained after the download had finished. I enjoyed watching this number fluctuate. (Please, no comments on how I should be getting my enjoyment elsewhere!) Sadly this number has disappeared.

(3) 'Elapsed Time' - I have yet to stop and restart a download with 1.15 (sometimes happened when I turned my PC off over night). In pre 1.15 versions the equivalent was the active download time. Does this field give the same?

(4) The 'Download' gradually getting bluer field - I'm not sure what I gain by having this visual aid to the parts that I have downloaded. I'm only really interested in the overall percentage. How does it help me?

(5) The 'Availability' field - I have no idea what this means and the strange percentage numbers (e.g. 1427%) don't help in explaining its meaning.

(6) The new 'Download Speed' fields has me totally at a loss.

Any comments and/or information on the above?

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An update on point 2.

When I stop a task the download speed shows what I believe to be the average overall download speed. When a task has finished downloading but I leave uploading to continue the download speed shows a small number, which I assume is control information being exchanged. Not having thought to check this previously I don't know if this was the same prior to 1.15. What is the reasoning behind this design?

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