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just Hi!

my downloads last 2 or 3 days. I generally burn them. Wanna say I have added subtitles to those that had not.

question: I could never understand what are "seeds", nor how to create them. some mates have asked me for them. could anybody help me?


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Seeds, are basically, peers (computers) which hold 100% of the torrent task's content (files) and leave the task running in their BitTorrent client instead of stopping/deleting it. You could have 100% of the torrent content if either you have finished downloading the task or have made you yourself a torrent and have uploaded it on some index site. On both cases, leaving the task running, so that others could download from you, is called seeding.

This is one of the most important actions on BitTorrent networks, which everyone should observe. Due to the nature of BT protocol, there is no central server from which you download stuff, but instead, files are share among computers (such as yours) by downloading and at the same uploading from/to several other peers at once. Since Internet connections are asymmetric (higher speeds for download than for upload) for the mos part, if anyone who finished the download stopped/deleted the task immediately, all torrents on the Internet would be dead, pretty soon.

So, that is why you should leave the task running after you finish downloading (a.k.a. you should seed), until you give back to the download community (the peers from the swarm) at least as much as you took. That is, until you reach at least a share ratio of 1.0-1.5 (for a torrent you like much, you might want to seed longer).

For more info on these subjects read also the Wiki pages or head to the Guides section of this forum, especially the New to Bittorrent?? First time using BitComet & Torrents?

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