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Problem with v1.15(USING WIN 7)

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The Bug Reports section of the forum is only for reporting bugs found in the program's functionality (i.e. in the executable code of BitComet). You won't get help there. Please, make sure you post in the right section.

Provide all the info required in here.

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One thing about windows 7 that really sucks is that bitcomet will not work at all until you download windows 7 build 7229 or above. (like windows 7 oem would be best because it is the retail version) So i recommend upgrading windows 7 again, which apparently is going to be your only solution to getting this problem fixed. I was using windows 7 build 7229 for about 4 months until it got deactivated and i couldn't activate it again so now i am currently using windows 7 oem x86(32 bit) which is running bitcomet perfectly.

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Will sumbody help me about my this one...


I hope this works for you as it just has for me. Problem: After selecting a download, and watching it begin to download, you decide to exit Bitcomet. When you open Bitcomet again all your selected downloads have vanished. If you open the download directory you will see that the Disappeared files are there but they are incomplete.[/b

Go into Control Panel/System and Security/Find and Fix Problems/Run Programs Made For Previous Versions of Windows/You will see an Icon with the words PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY. Run programs from previous versions of Windows/Click 'NEXT'/ You will now see a drop down list of programs/Select Bitcomet/Next. The computer will now look back into the misty past and find all those partly loaded downloads that had vanished./Open Bitcomet and they will be sitting there waiting for you to START.

NB: It took me a week to find this feature, but it is a beauty. One of the nice new things about W7.

Regards Bryan

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