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GB's Disappear

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Hi It's 6_wheeler here, I got a nasty problem I'm downloading Western Mini Pack and I made about 20 gb, free space to start, well before 1st gb got downloaded it was full, so I made more space clicked the "X" off. Darn if it didn't get gobbled up, so again, still not 1 gb, and full again. fun fun fun.

Please help, or will have to quit. Going Bald FAST 6_wheeler :rolleyes:

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I'm assuming that you're talking about a set of genre Western movies, a particular set making the rounds of many torrent sites now, and which occupies 61-plus gigabytes in size.

(When you ask a question, it's nice not to make anyone who helps you have to research things first, in order to figure out what you are talking about, don't you agree? So don't do that again. It will likely just get you ignored, or people will have to ask you to explain what you should have explained in the first place.)

BitComet has an option to pre-allocate the space for a download before actually downloading it. You've apparently got this turned on, so BC tries to allocate those 61+ GB and runs out of room. If you turn it off, BC doesn't try to preallocate, so you've got some time to make room for the download. This is just a temporary postponement of the problem.

In the alternative, you're trying to download the entire pack at once. Don't do that. In fact, don't support torrents like this. Download just a chunk, one or a few movies at a time,setting the rest to "do not download". Then when those movies finish, stop the torrent; set the completed movies to "don't download"; set the next chunk of movies to normal priority; move the downloaded movies elsewhere (burn them to DVD, say); hash-check the torrent so BC will figure out the changes and not freak out; then start downloading again. Rinse, repeat, till you have the whole thing or as much as you want.

Seeding? Nobody has 61+ gigs free, and the torrent creator should have known that. This is a good reason for refraining from creating sixty-gig torrents. Seed the chunks you've got while you have the space, but don't even try to seed the whole thing. Downloading doesn't obligate you to go along with this foolishness.

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