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Listen Port Blocked by Firewall

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BitComet is my 3rd attempt to set up a bittorrent. I still can not download...get the port blocked by firewall, even though...

BitComet is an exception in my McAfee firewall.

Setup Static IP ok (I'm on the internet)

Setup Virtual Server for my Trendnet 452brp router

I don't really know where to start troubleshooting, as I have checked and rechecked multiple times...any help or advise is appreciated.


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Before you post anything else, read the "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" message at the top of this forum, and supply the information requested.

BitComet and other bittorrent clients do not *require* an open listen port. They can operate in "no listen mode".

Without an open listen port, a bittorrent download will be much slower than it otherwise could be, but it will nevertheless function.

If you are getting no downloads at all. then the problem is something else.

First, I recommend you uninstall the McAfee firewall altogether. Use the Windows built-in firewall. enable ICF in your BitComet preferences/options/whatever and it will configure the windows firewall for you.

Now try connecting again. Look at the TRACKERS tab and see what messages you are getting there. If you are seeing errors, try posting a screenshot of it.

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