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60% complete torrent persists downloading from scratch


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Hey to all... I am currently downloading a multiple .iso torrent... being 18GB It would take forever to download on my connection so i got friends & family to download the other .iso's from the torrent.

I've placed incomplete files from old torrents within the 'Download' folder of fresh installs of BitComet 0.60 many times & as soon as i activate the torrent, the client scans the torrent to see what has already being downloaded & then starts the torrent to continue downloading.

Problem is one of the .iso's was downloaded using the most recent version of BitComet & i cannot seem to get the client to scan the file & continue downloading... instead it just starts from scratch as if it cant detect whats already downloaded!?

It can definitely be done on older versions but am concerned that you can no longer do it with newer versions of BitComet!?... is this so or is there an extra step you need to do to get it working?

Thanks in advance


PS: Only reason I'm titled a 'Leecher' is because i have removed my complete downloads from BitComet in order to fix this problem as i dont want them resetting & downloaded again... I DO SHARE :) !!!

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