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LT seed speed getting worse...


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Hi, I am an old bitcomet user. i am very happy about the LT seeding because it is the only way to bypass my ISP throttle(other ISP throttles more). but recently, every times I update bitcomet, the LTseeding speed is getting worse. I used to get a lot of LT seeds when i start up the tasks, but after v1.08, I get only a few LT seeds and the connection is getting worse. some times I can not even find LTseeds even though a lot of people is seeding. I have noticed that in the release note, that LT seeding connection algorithm has been improved. I am just wondering, what exactly was improved?

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...I can not even find LTseeds even though a lot of people is seeding.

The number of available LT seeds does not appear anywhere in BitComet's UI, except in the Peers tab after you've already connected to them. Do not mistake the seeds that the tracker/DHT/PEX reports to your client with LT seeds.

LT seeds are made up of only BitComet clients. If there are not any BitComet users with that task in their task list available you can't possibly get LT seeds. While it might improve your speed (when available) there is no way to grant or enforce the presence of LT seeds for any given torrent, for reasons I believe that are obvious.

I'd say, in your case, that you've probably just downloaded the "wrong" torrents.

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yeah.. I mean the peer tab. the p2sp_connected. I mentioned about seeding because I wanted to prove that a lot of people downloaded the torrent and finished it, thus, more LT seeds(higher chances more people downloaded using bitcomet?). I have tested with an older version and the newer version of bitcomet using the same torrent file(s). each test was run on after the day the first test run.( new version first, then the older version). to make sure it is fair, I changed my ip too. the time for the newer version takes longer to connect LT and return much less LT seed when compare to the older version over the same amount of time. I understand that number of connection does not matter because the old version LT seed ip will some times display more than once (parallel LTS download). but the speed for the new version was much lower. I have also compare the same LT seeding ip address, the new version only download 2~3kb while the old version download is more than 20kb/s. this might be because of other people might also use bitcomet and is downloading from that ip. but as I mentioned above, I just want to know what was changed to the in the algorithm(in this case, "Improved") from 1.07 to 1.16, so I can prove myself wrong.


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