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Good Day. The ff are my specs:

Bicomet version: 1.16

Internet Connection: DSL ave. download speed: 600kbps; ave upload speed: 500kbps

Router: D-Link DIR300, port forwarding ok

Windows XP SP3 Avira AntiVirus Windows Firewall turned ON

Member of CometPassport

Processor: AMD64 dual core2 2.4ghz Athlon64x2

RAM: 2gb DDR2

HD: 160Gb

I would like to know how to join a private tracker group. Thanks


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You can join a private tracker, usually, only by invitation form a member. Many private trackers also have a maximum number of users so you can join only when there is a open "season" for joining.

There are some private trackers, though, with bigger communities which more or less regularly open the site (for a limited period - a few days at most) for joining or make available registrations slots as soon as other members get kicked out (for various reasons).

Use a search engine to find lists of the most well-known ones. Then, you'll have to check in regularly to "hunt" for a available registration slot on some of them. Or alternatively, make friends with someone who is already on a private tracker which uses invitations.

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