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Unknown size(format) of the image


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I hope Someone can help me, my problem is after I downloaded a torrent in Rar file, I make the extraction with Winrar and I try 7-zip too, I have a box who appear and tell me "Unknown size(format) of the image". The files I extract are Iso files. this problem appends with different torrents downloaded. Can someone Help me please?

Thank you

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It's quite odd to me that WinRar thinks it can open .iso files. Generally it can't, and you don't want it to anyway.

You should change your file associations so that archivers (WinRar, 7Zip, WinZip) do not try to open .iso files at all.

An .iso file is a type of ..., well, we call it an "image", but it is not a picture. It is an exact reproduction of the contents of an optical disk.

You can use a disk-image burning utility such as the freeware ImgBurn, and a DVD-writer or CD-writer, to reproduce the original optical disk by burning the .iso to a blank CD or DVD.

You can use a virtual drive utility like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%, to load the .iso file into a virtual drive, whereupon it acts as if you'd loaded the original disk into a real drive.

But there's nothing that WinRar or 7ZIP can usefully do with it. I'm aware that this is the default setting for WinRAR, to associate itself with .iso files. It should not do that.

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