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*** Topic split ***

Ok, peoples, Hope this helps. My connection is with Bigpond (Australia) and is a 20m/bit connection. I have had troubles opening ports on my modem 2071-A (router) through my home network using a home router also. I had a friend that was good with networking systems that managed to get the firewall on the modem (router) to allow port/s for bitcomet, but since then I had to reboot my system. I have tryed to set it up like he did through my modem router address of 10.xx.xx.xxx, but seem to of not of had much luck with it. Bitcomet was blocking all the I.P address' (WAN) that I allowed in the exceptions list (firewall setting on modem/router), but it still kept coming up 'Yellow'. So in the end I enabled 'DMZplus mode' on my modem (router) and it has since been allowing the port through network. Keeping in mind, that you must make sure that 'Bitcomet' port is allowed through Windows Firewall.

I think this might not be a good idea on a business computer, as this is a reason you would be targeted by a 'Hacker', unless you xxxxed off the wrong person.

Anyone good with these puters/networking I would appreciate any responses to this post.

P.S If you can't access your modem router address again. I found that with this modem, that it had to be of a 'dynamic' type, not a 'static' type.

command prompt: {arp /?}{arp -a}{arp -s}

- What a headache this was to me :blink: , kept rebooting modem everytime I tryed to access the modem (router's) address 10.xx.xx.xxx.



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Necroposting is not condoned on the forum, as you can see in the Forum Rules. The topic you posted into is 3 years old!

Please start your own topic instead every time you have a problem.

I have a hard time understanding both your setup and your problem.

So, please Read This Before Posting and provide all the information mentioned inside.

You also seem to be using, for some reason, 2 routers in your network setup. That is, if I understood well.

If that's the case, you need to provide the make and model for both of them and explain how are they connected to each other and to the Internet.

Finally, I don't clearly understand what your problem is.

Be sure to state plain and simple what's your goal.

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