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Wan Listen port grayed out


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Ok have spent 2 hours after loggin in this morning to get the green light back on my wan thing listen port unsuccessfuly.

I have gone through the portforward which did not work an checked upnp settings on router and network and have actually now modified the network with ip changes.

Still nothing has fixed the grey light and it was working perfrectly fine for the past year. updated also and still have grey light. Its still downloading with high speeeds but the light is grey and so i am uncertain what is going on. At the moment downloading planet 51 and it will be done in 30 min.

so how come i can download and the light be grey? if i can still download what is the need of this port to be open. At the moment i have a detect failed while mu dht is fine and i am signed in as normal.

any clues what i shoud do or need to do?

XP service pack 3

10mb broadband with belkin router

had bitcommet for 3 years now. this is ever only the 2nd problem i have had.


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The Wiki pages say:

Please note that BitComet checks the connection status by connecting to a certain Internet server. In certain cases - i.e. the server might be down or, more often, you have an application that blocks connections to certain IP ranges which include the address of the server - this would yield a "false" gray light, since your client actually will be able to communicate with other peers and trackers but it just can't communicate with the said server in order to check the connection status.

They also give you additional means to check if you have an open port:

As long as any one of the following conditions is met, it means the port mapping is correctly done:

1. BitComet's user interface -> Detailed Info Pane -> Statistics: check the NAT port mapping's value. "Added" means port mapping is added.

2. BitComet's user Interface -> Status Bar, check the status light there. A green light means port mapping was successfully performed.

3. When there is an active BT task in the tasklist, check Detailed Info Pane -> Peers. If there is any "Remote " in the "Initiation" column, it means the port mapping is added.

It is the 3rd option which is of particular interest to you, as means to verify if you have an open port at this moment or not.

If you do have an open port, you should check for any applications which block your connections to certain IP ranges (such as Peer Guardian) which you might have installed and configure them to allow all these IP ranges.

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