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I was downloading some files at a speed of 250 kilobytes/sec (faster, 1MBPS, at first, but then I reduced the speed due to slow processing of programs), and then I looked at my memory gadge(microsoft sidebar gadget) and I noticed the RAM memory being used was around 80% (was 94% when the download speed was at 1MBPS...the fan went crazy) and to tell you the truth, I've never seen the memory go over 60%. I checked the windows task manager, and I checked the bitComet application, and it was using 1.2-1.3GB of RAM... no joke 1.3GB, that's a lot as compared to the v1.14 where even if I was downloading at 250KBPS, the memory used would not exceed 100MB of RAM. I am sorry I don't have an actual bug report and I do not know what is causing the extreme RAM usage, but I thought it was due to some error and I wanted to bring that up in the hopes of getting it fixed. I provided a screen shot as proof.


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Is there an actual problem, beyond mere memory use itself, that you're having?

(There is, by the way, an important difference between bits, and bytes. A Byte is eight bits. 1 B == 8 b

Like feet and inches, or miles and kilometers, or meters and centimeters, you've got to keep your units straight and be aware of which ones you're using. One Megabit is equal to 125 KiloBytes. 1 Mb / 8 == 125 KB

A bit, or binary digit, a single 1 or 0 state,is too small to be a useful unit of measurement for many purposes. Most applications, including BitComet, measure and report speeds in KiloBytes because a byte is the smallest useful unit.

Most network speeds are measured in Kilobits or Megabits -- not least because that inflates the numbers. "One Megabit" just sounds a lot faster than "125 Kilobytes".

If you have a 1 Mb connection, but your application is reporting top speed of 125 KB, it seems like something is wrong when it is not.)

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that is a feature alqannas, not a bug. I depend on this cache very often. I have a 100mbit connection and when I download something containing many files (say rar files, .r01 .r02 and so on) then the hard drive activity would be so much as to slow the download and the entire computer to a crawl (becouse bitcomet writes very fast to many of the files at the same time). Therefore I keep my max disk cache size at 1.5gb and as such, BitComet takes 1.5gb RAM at theese moments. But not so much hard drive usage. Download goes down stable. Simple. It also is said to keep your hard drive alive longer by not putting so much strain on it all the time. I reccomend if you have lots of RAM to spare to use this function well, and set the max limit very high. And if playing some heavy game etc, then lower it to have RAM avaivlable for the game.

also note that bitcomet will not always use what you put as max. It uses what is in between. And when the download is finished, the ram will become avaivlable again. Or if your download speed lowers. mine seldom hits 1.5gb for example its usally at 1gb max unless extreme case.

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