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FIle Playing Problems !!!


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Ok so i've been using bitcomet for a while now and i'm finally fed up with this problem

so heres my situation... i download a season of tv shows (its not specific it happens to everything i download) and since i dont want to download them all at the same time i do four or five at a time and once those are done i download the next four or five and so on. however... after i download the first 4 ill select the next four and when that finishes the first one in the set of four (so say epidose 5) will say its downloaded but it wont play. all the other files work but not that one. and this happens for every set i download.

so to solve this problem i have had to find another torrent and download it but sometimes the same thing happens with that and its really bugging me so if someone could PLEASE HELP !!!!!! it would be much appreciated. thank you

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You're probably running into piece-boundary problems, because the file boundaries and piece boundaries do not match up at all. The issue is just one of technique.

  • Download the first four episodes.
  • Stop the torrent
  • Move the downloaded files elsewhere.
  • Mark them as "don't download", and mark the next four as "normal"
  • Hash-check the torrent.
  • Start the torrent

That should take care of it.

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