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Cannot Upload

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My issue is that after I have finished downloading any torrents, but not during, at which I am uploading at 50 kb's I cannot upload unless DHT is enabled, and is very slow as well (25kb's is the highest I can achieve.)

I am using Bitcomet ver. 1.16

Cable internet 8 Mbs download, 1 Mbs upload.

Arris modem, D-Link EBR 2310 router. NAT enabled. Port forwarded to 59876. All connected through ethernet.

Windows Home Edition Service Pack 3.

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After you finish downloading, and you begin to seed... then you fall in to precisely that trap predicted by Bram Cohen (inventor of Bittorrent) when he heard about private ratio-keeping trackers.

You've become one of forty-some seeders all trying to get their ratios up by uploading to anybody who'll take a byte from them. Unfortunately, nobody's asking. Nobody's trying to download.

All you can do is wait and hope a leecher appears, then give him all the bandwidth that you can in hopes he'll chose to download much from you instead of all those other seeders. If you're relatively slow and it's not a popular torrent it can take you a month to get back into balance.

Once you've made sure you're a desirable seeder, there's nothing more you can do. Your best bet is usually to try to find some original material of your own, to upload. Ripping is tricky to learn, so there's still a lot of material out there. There's a lot that could be done better, or in the right format, or with better audio, &c.

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