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Download Torrent Failed, but no reason why??


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Not without more information. Download of a .torrent file from an index site is a bog-standard http download. There's nothing new or different about it, you haven't gotten to anything involving the bittorrent protocol yet.

You probably need to look at the particular case of what you're trying to download, and see if something's interfering with that. A .torrent is s very small, text-type human-readable file. You need to consider what could interfere with that kind of download. If you are getting a download at all, you need to look at what you're actually getting.

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ive never had a problem with the way i download. and ive tried to download loads of diffrent films tonight and it doesnt even get as far as asking me what files in the torrent i want to download. also ur talking a bit to technical for me am not a hardcore computer user i just download movies and games and dont really take much notice how lol. it says, 'Downloading torrent file, please wait' then in the same box it says 'Torrent file download failed'

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A .torrent file is something you can read. It's boring and useless, but you CAN read it.

Save the .torrent to a known location on your disk, then drag&drop it into Notepad.

Do this with a known good .torrent, so you will have an idea of what it's supposed to look like.

Then do it with one of the problem files and see what that one looks like. Because of the way the web works, very often if there is a back-end problem like a database failure, the error gets written into the .torrent file.

It will actually say something like "database error in line .....". It should be terribly obvious that it's not a proper .torrent file. This tells you for certain that the problem's on their end and there's probably no point trying again until they get this fixed.

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