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Hello folks. My Bitcomet client keeps crashing and i can not close it or restart it with out restarting my laptop. Task manager has no affect at all. I have just re-installed vista home premium(genuine). When its runnong I get great speads of up to 900kbs. I have been running bitcomet for two years and am ranked 19866 with over 51000 points so I know how to use it BUT THIS HAS ME BEAT AND DRIVING ME MAD! This is happening with bitcomet 1.5 and 1.6.



Google Chrome

HP laptop with 3g ram dual core AMD

If anybody can help I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks guys!

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The question you will need to answer is, as always, "what changed?". IF you revert to version 1.14 of BitComet, is all sweetness and light again? Can you get back to a version that you know was stable and working on this system, that works fine now?

If not, then something else seems to have changed. Maybe a service pack, maybe hardware (for this does sound like a hardware issue). You can get free memory test software from memtest.org, and it never hurts to have that handy. Memory errors cause the kind of symptoms you're reporting. You lose nothing by doing the test.

(If it were me, I would get rid of ZA completely. I've had many bad experiences with it, and it has a history of evil with P2P. You can get freeware that does everything it does but is better-behaved. So I would do that regardless.)

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