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Your client is probably telling you.

Look first at the "health" column. If it is below 100%, that means not all of the torrent is available from the members of the swarm.

Look at the other peers. If none of them have 100%, and all of them have the same percentage downloaded that you do, they're all in the same situation you are.

Look at the number of seeds and peers. If the number of seeds is zero, then nobody has all of the file.

This can mean several different things.

  • If this is a very recent, popular torrent, then the torrent may be poisoned -- a torrent which was never intended to finish, but only to make you waste your time on it. It will never finish.
  • If you were downloading rapidly up to a point, then have been proceeding much more slowly, yet steadily, an the other peers have been proceeding along right along with you, then the torrent is likely being "super-seeded", a misleading name for an option that works this way. You need only be patient and it will steadily advance to completion.
  • If there was one seeder previously but now there are none, then the torrent may have had a single source who had to stop for a while. Life happened to him. With fortune, he'll start seeding again when he can. Check the home index site for messages about this.
  • The uploader may have discovered a mistake, stopped seeding this torrent and is seeding a corrected one. Again, check the original index site for messages about this. You will need to download the corrected torrent instead.

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