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nu ma pot conecta la server

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1) Ce versiune de BitComet utilizaţi? bitcomet 1.16

2) Ce tip de conexiune la internet aveţi (ADSL, etc.)? 56k modem

3) Aveţi un modem? Folosiţi un router? Ce model? Aţi deschis portul in el? DA

4) Ce versiune de Windows aveti?, ce Firewall şi Antivirus folosiţi? avast vers 4.8 professional

bitcometul nu imi functioneaza... adica nu ma lasa sa ma conectez la server si toate torrenturile au disparut :(( cred ca de cand am 1.16 am probl asta... ma puteti ajuta plz?



1) What version of BitComet are you using? BitComet 1.16

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? 56K Modem

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? YES

4) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use? avast v4.8 professional

BitComet does not function for me... meaning that it does not let me to connect to the server and all my tasks have dissapeared :( I think that the problems started when I have 1.16 .... can you help me, please?

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Serverele au fost mutate si sunt instabile, deci te poti astepta la problemel legate de comet passport.

Dar faptul ca ti-au disparut sarcinile din lista e cu totul altceva. Poti descrie ,cu lux amanunte, cand si ce ai facut cand ti-au disparut sarcinile si cum ai inchis BitComet inainte sa-ti dispara? O rezolvare rapida a acestei probleme ar fi sa inchizi BitComet ,apoi sa mergi in folderul de instalare BitComet (implicit, C:\Program Files\BitComet) si sa redenumesti fisierul "Downloads.xml.bak" in "Downloads.xml" si apoi sa pornesti din nou BitComet. Daca asta nu merge, vezi "Torrent Archive" in BitComet si redeschide fiecare sarcina de acolo. Asigura-te ca selectezi folderul de descarcare corect pentru fiecare sarcina in parte.

The servers are moved and unstable, so you can expect having problems with comet passport.

But the fact that your tasks are gone is completely something else. Could you describe ,with great detail, when and what did you do when the tasks disappeared and how did you close BitComet before the tasks were gone? A quick solve of this problem would be to close BitComet, then go to the BitComet installation folder (by default, C:\Program Files\BitComet) and rename the file "Downloads.xml.bak" into "Downloads.xml" and then start BitComet again. If this does not work, check out the "Torrent Archive" in BitComet and reopen each task from there. Make sure that you select the right download folder for each task in particular.

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