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Hi everyone.

I am, and have been using BitComet version 1.10 for a long, long time now.

I have turned off the automatic update because I was happy with the way version 1.10 was working, getting the "green light", connecting quickly, and downloading at the fastest speeds my bandwidth will allow, which is pretty darn fast.

Today I ran an upgrade check and see that we are now up to BitComet version 1.16.

I remember when I upgraded to 1.10, and found that my bitcomet bitclient program had stopped saving all of my downloads from day to day, and actually removed them, an stored them in another location...in my "torrent archives". Once I figured out that I could still access my previous downloads, and that they were all still being accounted for, I was ok with the new version.

Now, weve got "server issues", a "gray light", and issues that have been going on since at least June of this year.

(Ive finally got a server connection just a few moments ago, after about 2 hours of having my bitcomet running).

I guess I am afraid to basically remove my working version of bitcomet, run the upgrade, install version 1.16....because everything is so unstable I am afraid that I might not get the speeds I enjoy right now, EVEN with the "unknown gray light", (no green light), and the bitcomets server maybe loggins us in, maybe not.

I would hate to lose the somewhat stable, unstable situation I have now, for another version where I might lose it.

Has anyone had these same issues, or worries, and gone ahead and upgraded to the new 1.16, and maintained their speeds and connections? Or the opposite..has anyone upgraded and wished they would have left well enough alone?

I appreciate all feedback I get here at the bitcomet forums and home someone will reply with their experiences.

Hope your christmas was as good as mine was...



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They are the same issue.

The gray light indicates that your BitComet client cannot contact the testing server, in order to request a test probe on your listen port. The inability to log in is because your BitComet client cannot contact the BitComet passport server (which can be one and the same server, or a different server that is also being relocated.)

The gray/yellow/green light is just an indicator. In previous versions of BitComet it wasn't there at all, and we would test the listen port in other ways. The ability to log in to BC Passport wasn't there at all. Bittorrent functioned just fine without either of them, as it does now.

You can find a torrent, download it, start it running, download the content, seed it up, enjoy the content, delete it all, without ever having to contact BitComet even once, for any reason at all.

These are all entirely optional, extra services. Download speed in particular, has nothing at all to do with these extra services or their absence, or which version you're using. You can downgrade to a version that doesn't support any of them, and it will continue to work as well and in the same way.

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