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Sorry, but I didn't understand most of this. I'm guessing that you have a partial download and you want to complete it.

You must have the original .torrent file in order to complete the download. If you do not have that file anymore, you must try to find it again, wherever you got it from the first time. It must be precisely the same .torrent file, not just any .torrent file, even with the same torrent.

If you don't have and cannot find that file, then you cannot complete the download. You should delete the partial download and start over with a different .torrent having that content.

if you do have the original .torrent, then open it with BitComet using the menu, but do not start the task yet. Make sure that the partial download is in the default download directory. Right-click on the task in BitComet and choose to run a manual hash-check on the partial download. This should take several minutes, and result in a "% completed" amount that seems about right. If it finishes very quickly and reverts to 0%, then you didn't put the partial download in the right place, and BitComet can't find it.

After you successfully complete the hash-check, start the task. It will attempt to pick up where it left off. If the torrent is still being seeded, you should be able to finish it.

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