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I have a few questions

need backup

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I am not sure that it is ok to post these questions here but I will anyway and see what happens.

I have recently been accused of installing a key logger on my GF computer at work and need to know what kind of legal action can occur ?

I live in the USA

I also want to know if when I send an email to any Gmail account, is a copy of that email stored anywhere other than in that certain Gmail account/inbox ?

example, the email that "JILL" sends to "BRAD" using Gmail, does it get stored on the ISP of "JILL" and/or "BRAD" or does it merely get passed on to the proper account, leaving no trace ?

thank you for any replies/help.

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In the normal course of things, copies of emails are not stored anywhere except the source and destination. But this is because there's usually no reason to spend the storage space on copies, not because it's technologically impossible or even difficult.

Your email is not private, particularly not from your ISP. Legally it isn't private. You have no "expectation of privacy", as the lawyers say, because this is explicitly disclaimed when you sign up for the account. You have none at all when you're using your employer's system at work, so courts have held. If you're going to deal with personal email at work, do it via a browser-based system and not via a system-based email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, regardless of who the provider or your email provider is. If you do this there is no record of the email on your system at all. It's kept on the (for example) gmail server side of things.

You really need a lawyer to advise you on specific circumstances.

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