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Nu version deleted all my porevious downloading of torrents Please correct!!!!

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So that you can properly identify my account my former email is subversivelemmings@yahoo.co.nz.

My new email is poeticutopia@gmail.com

I have once again switched over to your new version of Bitcomet n seriously regret it!!!!!

In doing so I have completely lost ALL of the mass amounts of downloading I had already down of the torrents I have chosen.

Many about to be completed.

This happened last time I switched to your new version

n a long while later (about a week n a half to two weeks later) someone within bitcomet corrected the error.

It would make sense to have within your new versions a program that would transfer over to the new version all the downloading that has already been done on the numerous torrents.

Its highly irritating to have to start all over n not know when or even if I will be given back all the downloading I previously had.

I pay for only so many gb a month n so its limited on what I cn download via broad band.

I dont like waisting my money having to redownload the torents from start again.

I hope that your company will reinstate all the torrents I have to their previous downloaded levels immediately.

Kindly, I

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I can recall that the last time you posted about 6 identical messages on different sections of this forum.

Now you seem to have cut it down to only 3 (or 2 if the double post in the same topic was by accident), so I'd say that's an improvement.

The thing is, that you got a reply, the last time, but you didn't bother to follow through. You just came wining here, pointing your finger and simply left after that, never to be seen again. Until now.

So, let me break some news to you. Under normal circumstances all versions of BitComet installers (at least since v.0.8x - the first version I've started with) always preserve all the previous settings and tasklist.

The last versions do that, just as well, proof of that being the fact that I, myself, along with countless other users, have installed it over the old one without any problems.

Obviously, in your case something went wrong. It is near to impossible to get to any conclusions, based on the virtually inexistent amount of information you provided, but my guess goes towards some OS related "issue" which prevented BitComet from updating the way it should.

You seem very bent on the idea that it's entirely BitComet's fault. Can you provide a single shred of evidence supporting that idea?

Nah... there's no point; in today's world it suffices to make strong allegations.

But if you really feel like starting to communicate with us about this matter, I suggest the following:

  1. try to elaborate the phrase: "I have completely lost ALL of the mass amounts of downloading I had already down of the torrents I have chosen". Did you loose the tasks in the Task List window of BitComet (a.k.a. they disappeared) or were the unfinished files deleted from the download folder too?
  2. make sure you read, understand and provide all the info requested in the "Read This Before Posting" announcement which is found on top of almost every section of the forum. Apart from that, try to give an, as detailed as possible, hardware description of your system.

Then, we can start talking. Unless you bail out again. ;)

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