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Can't Download Anything

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Im Using BitComet v.1.06

I have a broadband connection through my cable company.

I'm using a ethernet cable that's connected to my computer on one end and through the other it's hooked to my router which works thanks to my cable modem.

My Router is Linksys WRT600N and my modem is SBVS120 SURFboard Cable Modem.

I'm using Windows XP 32-Bit, my firewall and antivirus are managed by Panda Global Protection 2010.

My problem is that I try to download torrents and it won't start. I find good torrents but still it doesnt start. When I check the elapsed time the meter is running but nothing has been downloaded. Please help me!

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First look at your TRACKERS tab for the torrent. What are the trackers reporting? It's from here that you get your metafile list of other peers. Are you getting an error from the tracker? If so you'll need to figure out why and fix that if you can. Maybe you can't.

Look also at the number of peers reported for that torrent in the main task window. If they are zero, you're not connected to anyone you could transfer with.

Look at the reported health for the torrent. If it's less than 100% you have problems.

Bittorrent is nothing like downloading from a server. It's much more complex, but all of the information you need is being provided to you by your client. Sometimes it's telling you the torrent is dead, or that maybe the tracker is.

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