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A big thanks for all involved in this project!


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Maybe innaporopriate forum section but I didnt find anything more suiting.

I just wanted to give a big "thank you!" to the devs of this project. I have been using this product for a long time and it is about time I show my appreciation for this.

Also, I waited for 1.17 to upgrade my 0.70 and was somewhat sceptical over the new features, however this new version totaly blew me away.

Less CPU use bizzarely enough. Good UI customizations for the user. Excellent integration with eMule for the badly seeded files. Excellent slot handling when seeding, which is a nice change from 0.70. Excellent UI all-in-all with great statistics. The snapshots can be tremendeously usefull and is highly innovative. Comments as well. Long time seeding often gives me over 1MB/s speed boost and is an excellent idea, and so is the entire ranking system. Magnet links works like a charm. The http/ftp downloading features are also highly impressive, even above all "real" http/ftp download managers.

I never could think this, but 1.17 exceeds 0.70 in every aspect.

It also excells above the other competitors (not only torrent clients) by far in all aspects: Torrent handling, features, user friendlyness/UI, http management.

I couldnt live without this.


An awesome job has been done here. You can go home now. :)

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hhhhmmmm,,,most of them outside dont know completely about da great bitcomet,,,they had negative thoughts about this bitcomet,,but one day EVERYONE wil realize that bitcomet is da KING of p2p applications,,,i wanna see that day soon,,,once again SINCERE THANKS to da develepors of bitcomet,,,

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