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automatic upnp maping


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thank you very much for your nice program

i'm using bitcomet 1.17 on windows XP and i'm egyptian and i resied in taif ksa and i use the the modem provided by STC (saudi telecom)

what i want to say here may not be helpful every where but in areas where the infrastructure is weak the internet connection is not stable and is frequently cut and restarted. in this case the port would be lost.

i have to make upnp maping again and again every now and then in order to keep the port open, otherwise the connection speed in good.


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UPnP is cooperative process between BitComet and the device (modem? Router?) being controlled. BitComet can only issue UPnP commands, the router must execute them correctly and respond correctly.

This does not always happen. UPnP problems are nearly impossible to diagnose and to repair. For this reason, UPnP is best avoided as a practice. Manual configuration works much more reliably.

Loss of internet connection is not that unusual. Indeed, a few years ago when broadband was less common and dial-up more widely used (out of necessity), the uncommon occurrence was having the internet connected.

But this does not require constant reconfiguration for a listen port. That appears to be a separate issue, and it seems that you may be doing something incorrect. You might try posting a question in the help forum -- reading carefully the "READ BEFORE POSTING" notice, providing the needed information specified there, and describing in detail the issue that you're having.

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