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Bitcomet Downloads Very Slow 24/7 - Pl. Help!!

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Hi There:

P4 3.06GHz

Modem 2Wire 2701HG-G (on Standalone PC)


Windows Firewall Disabled

Bitcomet 1.07 (Tried 1.16 and then went back to 1.07)

Increased TCP/IP Half Open Connections To 50 (LvlLord)

Provider Sympatico (IP (Unlimited downloads connection)

Broadband Connection Bandwidth Reading 2.05 Mbps

Bell Internet Security Services find no active viruses/spyware

MBAM (Updated) also came up negative for any malware

Downloads @ 262.28 KB

Static IP Address Setup

Passed SheildsUp TruStealth Analysis

Using Ports Between 45134 - 65534 (No matter which I try it comes back Port Unknown)

I did check throughout your Forum but found nothing much of relevance, excepting one new posting with inadequate info to begin with. It sounded very little like my problem thus the new thread. However, this is my first posting, and I have tried to comply with all your rules, including reading them a few times over just to be sure. Despite this I am not sure if you have all the info you need above, but I have tried to put in everything I could think of.

My situation is that I have successfully used Bitcomet from v. 65 and have had my share of problems but worked them out. My download speeds would go through ups and downs, as is the case depending on the number of seeds etc. But the download speeds were decent in my opinion. For the past 8 days or so no matter what I have tried my speed varies but averages about 10kB/sec and this is only with a single download. Uploads tend to stay at about 9 but there have been times when the upload speed was higher than the download speed (even though I have not changed the Bitcomet setup from when the downloads were coming in at reasonable speeds). My direct downloads for freeware etc. continue to download at a pretty decent speed i.e. 250-285 kB/sec even presently.

After reviewing my Bitcomet settings and comparing them to what is recommended I couldn't see anything which could be the culprit. And I have run the tests (Max Planck, ShieldsUP, and one other which I forget) to check if it is my ISP which is throttling me. And they all come back negative. Despite this even if the ISP is throttling me, I can't believe that as a business they will do so 24/7. Where I live ISPs have legally won the right for traffic shaping. And I can live with peak hour throttling but not this 24/7, I think it would be bad business sense. But thats just me!!

The one thing which changed things temporarily was when I reviewed my half-open connections and successfully increased them to 50. The speed jumped in about 30 seconds to 135-155 kB/sec. I was somewhat thrilled. When I checked two hours later, it was back to the same old pokey speed.

I do not know too much about P2P, just manageable I would say. Because of this I have also attached a graphic of my Bitcomet Advanced Setup. Even though I don't know too much I had not been disappointed so far. Now it is a different story. My suspicion is there is some malware issue, though I could very well be wrong. But I would be most grateful if you can provide any help. And yes, I have considered going for a VPN, but I can't do that right now.

Thanks in advance for your help,




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The Torrent Questions forum is for general questions regarding the bittorrent protocol. Specific configuration questions about BitComet belong in the BitComet forum.

In that forum there is an entire forum thread devoted to this subject, to which I will refer you.

You spoke of "passing SheildsUp TruStealth Analysis". Passing this test is pretty much exactly what you don't want. "Passing" is failing. If you will use "canyouseeme.org", you will get an answer to the question you should be asking -- "can you see me?". Any answer that isn't "yes" is "no".

I've just gone through some very disappointing and negative experience with MBAM, so I no longer recommend this or use it myself. They used to be very good, but have lost the plot pursuing other things now. Try the DrWeb scanner. It's a little clunky, but very good at detecting things that MBAM is missing these days.

The speeds you are seeing do not indicate any sort of throttling. They indicate that you have a closed listen port. This is explained in great detail, with multiple examples, in that thread.

I also commend to you the BitComet Wiki FAQ linked at the top of this page, particularly for matters like the half-open connections issue.

Meanwhile, this topic has been moved to the BitComet General Questions forum.

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