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The Infamous Yellow Light


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Hi, I've been using BC for a few months now and I have never been able to get rid

of the infamous yellow light on the Listen Port.

Here are the particulars of my setup:

OS: Vista Home Premuium (fully updated)

Router: None


Connection Type: HSPA 3G wireless modem

BC Version: 1.17

I have tried the WikiFaq and the Create Firewall Guide.

I have manually configured the UPNP Port as well as allowed

all the BC related programs in the firewall.

I still get the yellow light.

Could this be because my modem gets a dynamically assigned IP?

Does anyone know how can I get rid of the yellow light?


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Most of the wireless Internet connections (and especially those provided through mobile phone networks technologies) are firewalled on the side of the ISP.

That is to say, you don't have access to the hardware router/firewall protecting your connection, which resides at the ISP location, therefore you can't configure it as you would do with a home router on a run-of-the-mill ADSL or cable connection in order to open certain ports for incoming connections.

I'm afraid that as long as you stick with this connection type you'll have to live with this situation.

You could try to talk to your ISP and ask them about this but I doubt that would change anything. Or else change your connection type to something else (cable, xDSL, fiber).

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