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Cannot Connect To The Server With BitComet


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I had been using BitComet for sometime and the this problem of loggin in to the server through Bitcomet had be occurring now and then. When it first occurred in Dec 2009, it was because the servers are moving but now after a month, are the servers still being moved?

It is like then u can login but now u can't. I login about 2 hours ago, that is after trying for almost 15min. I just logged out and then try to login again but can't. So it is like by chance that u can log in, this happens especially frequently during weekends.

I wouldn't want to irritate the staff but what is happening is very irritating to me as a user. Someone may say that this is a problem only with the logging in but does not affect the upload and download. However, please do not merge this 2 issues as they are different issues. Anyway, we are suppose to be able to upload/download beter after we logged in, unless it is not so?????

If there is a problem, the least the admin can do is to post it in the forum so at least user will know.

Thanks in advance if anyone will enlighten.

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"The admin" isn't here. This is a forum comprised mostly of volunteers who help to support the BitComet Bittorrent client. This forum's administrator works for BitComet but has no connection with Passport. Most of us have no connection, even unofficially, with BitComet.

Passport is a separate organization. We do not know what goes on there. We are not in their loop. They do not attend this forum. They don't keep us posted. What you say here does not reach their ears. We are not them. Complaining about them HERE does you no good at all. Dig it.

Logging in to Passport will help your download speed if and only if there are many late-version BitComet users in that particular swarm, who have enabled LT seeding. Most of the time, in most swarms, there are few or none of these, which means you cannot get any significant portion of your download via LT-seeders.

The notion that getting part of your download from LT seeders is somehow better or faster:

  • is completely unproven and
  • doesn't even have a clear theoretical basis.

The bandwidth that is being used by LT seeding is not available for regular bittorrent transfers and vice-versa. You don't get bandwidth for nothing. Given the option, it's better to use bandwidth for regular bittorrent downloading than for receiving LT seeders.

LT seeding allows late-version (only) BitComet users to share a small part of their upstream bandwidth for selected torrents, without having a fully-running seeding task on each torrent. LT_Seeding lets them contribute a little trickle when they aren't willing to contribute a flood -- because they need your bandwidth for other tasks that they are fully seeding.

Your late-version (only) BitComet client finds those LT seeders via the Passport server, which acts like a tracker for this LT-seeding process. If everything matches, you can download some of that trickle. It's not better than, not faster than, or in any way superior to, a standard Bittorrent download.

For downloading, LT-seeding uses bandwidth that is otherwise not used because the torrent doesn't have enough peers in the swarm who are sending to you, to keep your bandwidth fully used. It would be better for you to have that bandwidth used by the mainstream bittorrent process, if that were possible at the moment.

You give the matter of being logged in to passport a great deal more concern than it merits.

By all means, complain about it and problems you encounter with it. Just not here. We can't help you.

We COULD, in that one limited instance, because they did let us know in advance, tell people that the servers were going to be down while they were moved.

Not that it did us much good: nobody read it.

We did not thereby become your Passport News Source for all the latest info on what's happening over at that other organization. We don't know. Can't find out. Don't get news bulletins from them either.

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Sorry, the servers are moved that always happen, in recent months. The Chinese government punish the Internet, influence the servers. The servers move a place, move another place, move.... :(

But, the servers are normal at present. You can login BitComet in the abstract.

Sorry, I'm not good at English, I hope that you can understand what I say.

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I understand that the servers needed to be moved but that was back in January that those statements were posted. Its the middle of febuary and i have still been having issues that only started maybe a week ago. and its not letting me log in AT ALL. im not concerned about the upload and download but the sign in is what bothers me.

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A peer that you get via Passport REPLACES, not supplements, a peer that you get via normal bittorrent. Signing in does not and cannot increase your bandwidth. A peer you get via passport is not somehow "better", or faster than a normal peer. Rank has "some" effect, at least in theory. That's mostly not being able to deny that it has any effect at all, but it hasn't been demonstrated either way. I have never seen it make the slightest difference to me, others have claimed it boosts their speed enormously.

One anecdote, another.

There has been at least ten times as much traffic as the issue merits. I believe BitComet ought to do away with the whole connection to Passport, unless and until somebody can prove that it actually helps at all.

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