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The lastest BitComet beta version released[20100118]


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Core Improve: update BitTorrent client identification code

Core Bugfix: enhance the stability of HTTP proxy connection

Core Bugfix: fail to save bak file of task list in some condition


GUI Improved: new setting in connection page of option dialog: randomize port each start

GUI Improved: display "added date" in torrent history, and hide "snapshots", "comments", "rating", "popular" by default

GUI Improved: display translator info in about dialog

GUI Improved: display error message when failed to save task list xml file

GUI Improved: enhance BHO, display BitComet icon in context menu of IE8

GUI Improved: enhance video downloader extension for Firefox, display captured files in Tools menu besides in context menu

GUI Improved: new setting in BT task page of option dialog: display task properties dialog after torrent downloaded from Magnet URI

GUI Improved: display batch download dialog when multiple torrents selected to download in Torrent Exchange

GUI Bugfix: the setting of shutdown at specified time does not take effect at first time

Core Improve: the BT tasks which haven't downloaded torrent will not enter the task queue

Core Bugfix: enhance the stability of UDP transport


GUI Improved: display the properties of multiple tasks will show a task statistics dialog

GUI Improved: drag&drop a Magnet URI or HTTP URL to main window of BitComet will launch a download

GUI Improved: add legend to the piece map tab of task

GUI Improved: new setting in advanced page of option dialog: system.use_app_data, detailed info refer to wiki

GUI Improved: display error message when failed to load task list xml file

GUI Improved: new command in context menu of tracker list: add tracker

GUI Bugfix: when shutdown scheduled at specified time, shutdown will still be launched when all download finished

GUI Bugfix: error occurred when non-admin user try to modify IE integration setting under Vista/Win7

GUI Bugfix: task properties dialog displayed incorrectly for right-to-left languages, e.g. Arabic and Hebrew

Core Improve: save bak files for task list xml file up to 7 copies

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