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Windows 7 64bit problem


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I am using windows 7 for my OS.. i have 4GB RAM...

i noticed that everytime i use BitComet with Unlimited Download limit. after a while my computer crashes and goes BoD(BluescreenOfDeath)

when i use other programs, it doesn't crash at all...

when i limit my DL to 100 kB/s, it doesn't crash, but when i start using other programs, then it goes BoD

when i don't use BitComet at all... and use other programs.. such as Flash CS4 while surfing and also watching Vids... it doesn't crash..

so i thought that it has something to do with BitComet... i wonder what is the cure for this.. and if anyone has a similar problem?

advanced thank you for your support :)

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I usually see this when there is a hardware problem.

Blue screens convey important information that point, even if indirectly, to the cause. It's important to write down the information presented, as this gives a diagnostician a starting place. Lacking this vital data, we can only guess based on past experience which might not apply.

A crash of this kind means that the system can't find any safe way to proceed, so needs to simply shut the processor down. That's a pretty dire situation. When it's seen only with bittorrent clients, that doesn't indicate that the client is causing it. It almost always means that the client is the primary victim. Bittorrent puts unusual stresses on a system. Not that it's hard on a system, but rather like forcing it to use seldom-stretched muscles, it exercises a system in ways that most other applications do not.

As it does so, it tends to find hardware weaknesses such as defective RAM or a flaky power-supply. If you see BSODs whose reported cause keeps shifting, this is normally another indicator of a hardware problem.

I must add that the newer the system, the more likely it is to have hardware issues. These problems tend to show up quite early, or else not at all. Systems do not "wear out", their lifetimes before obsolescence are too short. Hardware problems after the first year almost always have some outside cause.

This is why previously burned-in power supplies cost more, but are worth it to remove that concern from the diagnostic puzzle.

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Ive ran a 64 bit system since for a long time ....i would agree it is most certainly a hardware issue .....64 bit systems don't like alot of programs...even if they are compatible......windows 7 has however come a long way with fixing all sorts of issues......i would be willing to bet that when Microsoft releases a service pack update ....many of the problems will get resolved the same as vista did........i see this topic is fairly old.....but as long as Microsoft keeps changing things ahead of all the hardware/software companies.....i'm sure there are gonna be alot of problems lol On the bright side...... i used to run windows xp 64 bit edition.....and compared to that....windows 7 is all gravy lmao


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