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The lastest 1.18 version is released


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v1.18 2010.01.20

GUI Improved: display the properties of multiple tasks will show a task statistics dialog

GUI Improved: drag&drop a Magnet URI or HTTP URL to main window of BitComet will launch a download

GUI Improved: add legend to the piece map tab of task

GUI Improved: new setting in advanced page of option dialog: system.use_app_data, detailed info refer to wiki

GUI Improved: display error message when failed to load/save task list xml file

GUI Improved: new command in context menu of tracker list: add tracker

GUI Improved: new setting in connection page of option dialog: randomize port each start

GUI Improved: display "added date" in torrent history, and hide "snapshots", "comments", "rating", "popular" by default

GUI Improved: display translator info in about dialog

GUI Improved: enhance BHO, display BitComet icon in context menu of IE8

GUI Improved: enhance video downloader extension for Firefox, display captured files in Tools menu besides in context menu

GUI Improved: new setting in BT task page of option dialog: display task properties dialog after torrent downloaded from Magnet URI

GUI Improved: display batch download dialog when multiple torrents selected to download in Torrent Exchange

GUI Bugfix: when shutdown scheduled at specified time, shutdown will still be launched when all download finished

GUI Bugfix: error occurred when non-admin user try to modify IE integration setting under Vista/Win7

GUI Bugfix: task properties dialog displayed incorrectly for right-to-left languages, e.g. Arabic and Hebrew

GUI Bugfix: the setting of shutdown at specified time does not take effect at first time

Core Improve: save bak files for task list xml file up to 7 copies

Core Improve: update BitTorrent client identification code

Core Improve: the BT tasks which haven't downloaded torrent will not enter the task queue

Core Bugfix: enhance the stability of UDP transport

Core Bugfix: enhance the stability of HTTP proxy connection

BitComet 1.18setup.exe

BitComet 1.18.zip

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Please, remove the old topics of beta releases in announce section.

EvgenyS, thank you for you suggestion, but all other topics are unpinned, only the lastest released version annoucement is pinned. If deleting other topics, any users' comments on that version will not be read.

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