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Problems with Speed/Connecting to Seeds


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Hi there fellow BitComets! Sorry for the long read, just wanted to give you all the details!

This has been an issue for a very long time, and I've finally decided to try and ask the forums about it. Why is it, that when I'm downloading, I can only connect to about 1/4th of the seeds available? Why is my speed, compared to the speed of other peers, so low?

For the sake of testing, today I am using no router or firewall. I normally run my connection through a D-Link DIR-628, and utilizing ESET Smart Security as my firewall. But, today I've got my computer connected through ethernet directly to my modem. I have also disabled my ESET firewall and antivirus for today. I have Comcast High-Speed internet, and test results from SpeedTest.net conducted today report that I have 21.18 Mbps download & 2.94 Mbps upload. (Results link) Additionally, I ran the Glasnost ISP Throttling test. The results report that Comcast is not shaping or throttling my connection. (ISP test results)

I'm running Windows 7 (with windows firewall disabled), and I'm using Bitcomet 1.17 (stable release).

I have attached a screenshot of my Bitcomet, showing the issue I've described. As you can see, for the Couples.Retreat bluray torrent, my Seeds/Peers[all] reports that I am connected to only 13 out of 48 seeds! And if you look at the top left of the Summary tab, it shows my download speed (293 kb/s) as the green triangle, and other peers' speed (approx. 2300 kb/s) as the blue triangle.

Is this normal? Or is there really an issue?

I have also attached a screenshot of my Advanced settings for Bitcomet, showing that my Max connections and Max connections per task are all set at 0 (unlimited). Though, perhaps I am overlooking some other setting that is preventing me from downloading at the fullest capabilities.

Thank you for your time and comments.

-- Jordan



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BitTorrent does not guarantee high speeds, nor does any other p2p based protocol. It all depends on the other peers you connect to and how willing they are to give you the requested piece parts. The ones that got a bigger speed than yours may have had a better upload speed than you, or they found a better peer that didn't find you, or they where connected to someone in their local network, or maybe they found more lt seeds... maybe...maybe... maybe....

You get the point. (also, what you see in the peer down rate column is an approximation, and may be far from the truth)

Also, bittorrent.max_connections_per_task = 0 means default, and that's 50 AFAIK. Set it to 100, and let it run for a while, if no problems are encountered you may increase it.

To maintain a good flow of communications with the other peers you need some spare bandwidth at all times, have you limited your global and lt seed upload speed? If not, set your Max Global Upload Speed to 263 kB/s and the LT seed one to 37 kB/s (if the speed test result provided by you is accurate).

PS: Disabling your firewall is a terrible thing to do. Never connect to the internet without a working firewall, you may be infected already.

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