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A Network Cable Is Unplug


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Hi All,

I have a modem cable connected to internet 100% of the time.

I also have a D-Link router, DI-525.

I been using BitComet for some years without any problems at all.

For the last 3 days, whenever I start a download with BitComet, my internet stop working for 10 secondes, I can see a pop-up in the icon tray saying "A Network Cable Is Unplug". After ~10 secondes, the internet start working agains and the download start but only last like 1-2 minutes then once again, I get "A network cable is unplug" and the stop switch to 'stop'. Everything that is using internet stop having access to Internet. If I dont start a torrent download, I don't have this issue of network cable or anything else.

I never had that issue before.

Anyone could have an idea what's going on?



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Try hooking your PC directly to the modem and see if you still get this problem.

If you don't, then you've found the guilty party.

In that case you'll have to try and re-flash it, maybe with a newer version of the firmware. Sometimes, even a hardware reset of the device might do it.

If you still do have a problem, it might be your LAN card or your modem. (I'm assuming you have already checked the cables linking all the devices.)

So you'll have to proceed by elimination.

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Thanks for the reply.

I upadted my firmware few minutes ago, hoping to fix my issue.

Unfortunatly, it didn't help.

Yes, the network card is connected to the router which is connected to my modem.

I will try tomorrow to connect to internet directly without the router and see if i have the same behaviour.

Will let you know.



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