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COMETBIRD 3.5.7 for windows

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Hi Friends

Could you please tell me what are the systems requirements for Cometbird 3.5.7.I don't see any page on the website mentioning the systems requirements.

On what operating systems will the Cometbird 3.5.7 work.?

I am having Windows 2000 5.00.2195 sp4 Update rollup1 Sept 2005.

Please add the systems requirements on the download page- http://www.cometbird.com/page/download.html


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Cometbird is Firefox. The system requirements are exactly the same.

The message indicates you've had errors while downloading. You should try again, or download it via bittorrent because it has better error detection than http or ftp.

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I'm Running Win xp crap, 2gb ram, 500gb hdd, ie6, I downloaded Cometbird 3.5.7 again, I get about 1/2 installed when it says to close the page [ why not have the program close the page] when I do, it asks do I want to stop install, I have to click close or it's back to the close page?? but then Comet bird closes completely. Ha ha ha funny. Tried multiple times same thing. It shows Screenshots of the program I never had??? Anyone got a fix for this?

If this can't be fixed which other downloader works on BitComet? I get a whooping 75kb to 125kb, Pretty slow. I get 6mb + on other sites. Now the downlowd tipped the scale at 23kb, Soon I'll have to finish making the film. ha ha ha Instead of a horse I'll be in my Electic-Wheelchair. How do you rope left handed ha ha ha.


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