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Is tcp optimizer worth trying?


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Yes, if you use Win XP or prior.

I've used it myself to tweak the TCP/IP stack.

But you should make sure that you understand the terms and what they do to your system. Read through the whole topic 2 or 3 times so that you understand well, before making changes to your TCP/IP stack.

Otherwise, if you misconfigure it, it might run worse instead of better.

After you've read and understood the principles, you'd be better off using their TCP/IP analyzer first (you can find it on the same site under Broadband Tools menu) since it provides live test results of your connection and in case you need to use scaling of the TCP window value, it provides you with suggestions of RWIN values which would work best based on your line speed and latency product (it uses powers of 2 as multiples to optimize the RWIN values).

However that works for XP only, since Vista uses dynamic window scaling.

If you use Vista you should use just their Vista patch.

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I d/l'd both the manual and the FAQ, read each a couple of times; decided that, if I used the program, I'd settle for the default settings initially.

My old system is XP Pro, it gets to be the guinea pig; new system is Vista, so it's back to that site for more reading.

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