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Unable to sign in.

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I haven't used BitComet for like 1 week.

Now i wanted to download something and while trying to sign in this appeared :

"Unable to sign in CometPassport at this time.

BitComet will reconnect automatically a few minutes later" :blink:

Me 2. It is very annoying but i was in the middle of a download when i then restarted my computer in like 6 min, i then reopened bitcomet, tried to sign in and that message came up.

is the server down or something!

please help.

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If you've used BC for a long time, then you should be aware that not being signed in means nothing. You do not need to sign in at all to use BitComet, or to continue your download. You could ignore BC Passport entirely, never signing up, and never miss it. Yes, the server is probably down, and will probably be back up soon, but this/we are not Passport, they don't read this forum or talk to us. Best thing for you to do is just roll with the flow. When it's up, it's up, when it's not, it's not. It's cool either way.

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