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This is my first post here, and my apologies is this topic already has been discussed. As you can see by my description i am having an issue with my downlaods stopping at 99.9% I have taken to the time to review the FAQs and followed them step by step. I have dowbloaded only the core file(s), avoiding all the non-essentials. I have done manual hash-checks and they remain at 99.9% I very highly doubt that they are corrupted due to the number of Peers/Seeds downloading/hosting the file(s). I have read the comments, reassuring me that the torrent is valid, working and virus free of course. I also have read the part of the DMZ and i am currently connected to a wireless network provided by our condo complex. I was able to download other files with 100% success, but these more common, or requested files seem to stop at 99.9% The FAQs also refer to older versions of BitComet (previous to 1.0), so if there is anything more upto date that i can be referred to, or if someone could suggest something, it would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you

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I don't know which FAQ you have read. The BitComet Wiki FAQ is being updated most frequently.

The mere fact that there are thousands of peers isn't a guarantee that the torrent is good. I can frequently see fake torrents with thousands of peers.

However, if you say that the comments about the torrent are positive, then it may be the case that the problem is something else.

What BitComet version do you use? What OS?

Does you BC detect/show any peers in the Task List?

What is your Peers tab showing you? Are you connected to any peers at all?

If not what is the Trackers tab showing you?

Can you see any peers which have 100% of the file?

A screenshot of BitComet with the Peers and Trackers tabs selected might help.

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