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torrent download and upload question


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which of my files are being uploaded when i am downloading a torrent?

Example, i have a file named "Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009) DVDRip XviD-MAXSPEED www.torentz.3xforum.ro" my total download is 965mb and my upload is 159.40mb which of the files in my computer was uploaded(159.40mb) as an exchange to this torrent?

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You are bringing in some inappropriate concepts that do not apply. The entire concept of a "shared directory" has no counterpart in the bittorrent protocol -- we don't do things that way.

When you download a torrent, you are also uploading it. In the bittorrent protocol, all the files in a single torrent are treated as one huge file which is arbitrarily divided into many evenly-sized pieces. The original uploader, the first seeder, sends different pieces out to different peers. Those peers receive their pieces and exchange/trade them with each other. The seeder continually introduces new pieces to various peers, and the process continues as peers gradually accumulate the entire torrent, whereupon they become seeders in their turn.

As you download via bittorrent, most of the pieces you get (and I mean the overwhelming majority) come not from a seeder who has the whole torrent, but from seeders like yourself who only have part of it so far.

While you are downloading, you are also uploading to others. You must do this, it is self-enforcing, but WHAT you are uploading regarding this task, is pieces of this torrent only. No one can look over your shared directory and pick one of your files to download. There is no shared directory, no one can look over anything you've got. All they can do is participate in the swarm exchanging pieces of torrent tasks you have active.

If you are downloading "Planet of the Grapes", then what you're uploading as far as this task, is only "Planet of the Grapes".

You can have more than one torrent task active, but not much more. It depends on the bandwidth of your connection, but most broadband connections cannot support more than two or three torrent tasks before they start slowing each other down.

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