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Yellow Listen Port Light

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  • 5 months later...

After 2 years of configuring this and calling my mule an arse and trying everything.

I have found that in general the little yelow light on the bottom right is something to amuse you when all your doing is watching your torrents.

I have configured everything by the book and them some.

Some day's it's on when others it's not and nothing is changed.

It doesn't really affect my download speeds.

Often I will get 5-700 kb/s for movies and 80-100 for music.

I must admit it looks good and feels like you have achieved someting when you have the green.

But in my experience, (<3 years now.) the listen port being open or not hasn't made a lot of difference although the EMULE plugin is a must.

By all means keep tweaking it and you will find some amazing things. Thats what it's all about.

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Thank you for your incitfull and aptly helpfull reply.

Truly you have put me in my place.

I am sincere in saying that.

As it does remind me, my parcification within Bitcomet has, over a period of 3 years cumulitivley totaled is 12 months.

So yes.

One in three.

But honestly I have tweaked and I have configuered.

I get it.

But then sometimes I don't.

Simple fact of the matter is that for some it just aint going to work.

But don't stop trying as you may very well crack it.

Just read what there is out there because it is there.

You've just got to be prepared to burn your eyes a bit, because there is a lot out there to read.

Sorry about the miscalculation of time served.

I thought had studied the litriture enough to offer comment on the elusive green light.


You know whilst writing this I have reflected past the times of late nights reading about listen ports, upnp and a lot of other new technology i had not come accross.

I had a few people who were trying to work it all out at the time I was. I forwarded all of them,(all 3,lol), the pages that had helped me crack it and ironicaly the sucsess rate was 1 in 3.

The 2 others jumped out because they just didn't get it.

That is what they both said.


If after you fail on all other studied attempts maybe a new router is in order.

I don't believe it would ever have to come to that though as the answer is, as I said, out there.

But in short. 

What I tend to find is that when my little green light does got blocked back to yellow, I go back through and recomplete the config right down to the fire wall.

I go to each option in the process, reapply the settings then go to the "retry upnp port mapping" option and usually get a hand shake and a green light. 

And I wouldn't suggest dropping your firewall.

But you have, and I have found that this too works and once you get green you can put the firewall back up.

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One claims to have read ever' last thing there is to read, but comes away from that with no more understanding of what they're trying to do, than when they went in.

You've got to ask yourself whether they really read anything at all? Did they just scan it with their eyes, without actually comprehending a word of it, and then claim to have read it? Take something and fundamentally simple as unblocking a listening port, with true hold-your-hand-at-every-step tutorials, plus discussions of every variation on the theme encountered,a forum topic devoted to questions and answers on this precise subject, but find that it's still not enough. It's a puzzle.

It's as if they want step-by-step instructions personalized to their own situation, but will not pay for this, and absolutely, categorically refuse to actually think about any of it.

Laying claim to experience involves learning, viz, "I am doing something different this year from what I was doing last year, because I learned some things between then and now. I now understand that a lot of what I was doing back then was futile and could not have worked. I progressed, mentally advanced, got some benefit from my experience over the preceding 12 months."


"I'm doing exactly the same thing I was doing a year ago. It's all still a big mystery, I don't understand any of it, and maybe there isn't any point to it anyway."

That's one year's experience three times. Going for four and no end in sight.

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The most definitively concise answer ever given toward this question. 

If that were said and done at the begining, no one would have had any founded reason to raise the issue.

That's life...

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