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99.9%..then it stops, virus?

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when i am downloading a movie like ***** from The Pirate Bay, using Bitcomet, or some other torrent downloading program, a few times some downloads have gone up to 99.9%, then the download rate slows down and stops at 0Kb/s. and just goes like 1-8Kb/s after that. is the movie a virus?

also, i have that yellow light on the bottom of my bitcoment program, it says my listen port is blocked, how do i unblock it?

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Your questions are answered in our FAQ, which you should spend some time reading. You should also read the topic titled, "READ BEFORE POSTING", which points out to you information that you need to include whenever you have a question, since, if you don't, your question will be moved into the 'incomplete' bin and ignored. You should probably also spend some time reading the GUIDES forum, which will answer a great many additional issues that may come up.

Generally, when you come across a forum like this, you should always read the FAQ first, look around and maybe search to see if your question or issue hasn't been asked a thousand times before, and heed any prompts, cautions or warnings. Some fora will be quite rude about it, being pestered with repetitive questions from those who just can't be bothered to read first.

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