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emule and virus scan

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Hi There all...greets from newb in Canada...

I managed to download LOST the first season, and it actually worked!! I really thought my 'dino-computer' would be able to run the video stream. It took awhile to download (3 days), but its been fun seeing all the characters in the first year and catching up with their background history.

I have a couple of questions...

1) what is 'emule'? I installed it, but I'm not sure what it does.

2) Next step, I'm worried about viruses. What is easiest way to virus scan file/files after download is complete. After the download is complete does bittorrent have a recommended 'easy to use' virus scanner that they reccommend. I have AVG 8 on my computer...is there a way for this to automatically scan the files after they are downloaded? I went into TOOLS - OPTIONS - VIRUS SCAN, and set the path to activate AVG.EXE in BITTORRENT, but then you still have to find the folder and activate the anti virus scan. This doesn't perform any automatic check. Is there any easy program or way to do the anti-virus scan?

Thanks everybody...LOST is on tomorrow...its a Tuesday, will see whats up. From Canada...


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eMule is an alternative form of peer-to-peer file transfer. The first thing you should probably do is to research it using Google. That should be your first resource for questions like that. What it does, how it works, you should google.

Integration of an antivirus scanner requires that the scanner be activated via a command-line, in a command shell. You have set avg to run the graphical user interface version, which requires interaction. what you need is a version that can be fed all needed parameters in the command line that activates it, and which runs without any further user interaction.

Here, again, you should be using google to explore this subject. it is extensively discussed in various forums.

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