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Well, the first thing to know is that logging in isn't necessary -- at all. BitComet is fully functional without logging in at all, and many people (including me, for years) never do.

Would your downloads be faster if you did log in? That's a good question and depends on many different things, but the general pragmatic answer is, "not enough to notice". If this, and that, and the other thing, a long list, some of them bad like, your bandwidth is not getting used to capacity, all those things are true, then you may see a trivial improvement making use of the odd unused corners of bandwidth.

It is quite possible that your ISP has the server address blocked. It may also be that your location and connection is such that you can't reliably connect to it. However, the server has been up and functioning. Believe me, we really hear about it when it's not! You might want to keep trying from time to time, but if it doesn't work, you're really not missing that much.

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Sure, but I'd like a reasonable definition of "faster". If a download's going to take 3 hours, and here's something "faster" that will cut that down to 2 hours 57 minutes, I don't consider that it's worth a lot of my time fussing around with it, just to save 3 minutes. I probably won't even notice the difference.

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