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Mpcstar 4.4 Problems


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I have been a proud user of mpcstar. I am at the latest update of mpcstar 4.4 when i have a problem it keeps saying that mpcstar has a new update at www.mpcstar.com when i am already at the latest update. I enjoy using mpcstar useful features but i encounter many problems. For instance when i load lots of items to my playlist the mpcstar begins using lots of memory reaching to 1,000,000 K. It crashes many times when reaching to that amount of memory and in compact mode it seems to be crashing. I don't think mpcstar is being tested enough in its beta stage.

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Ok. It's normally the case that releases just don't get enough testing before they're "thrown over the fence". It's been an issue for BitComet for years. It's not likely to change or improve, and that has meant that it's safest to adopt a conservative update strategy. When you have a version that works, always be prepared to retreat to that version. Test new releases when they occur, but always be prepared to encounter serious problems, and to retreat back to that stable version.

This wouldn't be acceptable for paid software, but since it's freeware that's how it goes.

When you find a problem like this where a new version starts misbehaving where the old one was fine and there haven't been other system changes, this should be reported as a defect in the bugs and requests forum.

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