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oh disaster

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I had everything just how I like it on my Cometbird browser, until I went into 'Organise Bookmarks' and thought I would trim the unwanted news sources out of the list for news. I clicked on the link to New York Times and then deleted it, I thought, but actually I deleted the whole toolbar, and have lost all the ones created by Cometbird plus my own. Is there anyway I can get it back? I tried downloadeding the latest version of CB, but that did not work . Gutted :( :(

ah, OK, have got the Comet ones back via the online bookmark thingy ( thank you Comet). Still got to put all of mine back, but that is do-able. Must remember not to make that mistake again...

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going round in circles here - I cannot find a way to import an html file to re-install my firefox bookmark toolbar items into Cometbird. Did it first time without problem, but now, having deleted them, can't find the place which allows me to do it. :angry:

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Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> import and export

you'll need to play with this a bit to get them back where you want them. One of the major points of using CometMarks is to prevent this very thing, and also to share bookmarks among multiple different browsers. If you used only cometmarks for all your bookmarking, then they'd all be common.

if you have a good monthly maintenance routine (and if you don't, someday you'll kick yourself), you might include backing up your bookmarks as part of it.

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