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when i start download BT file at bitcomet ,i want to know the BT file is save at which location ?

when i delete the task BT from bitcoment and i re-download again the BT file it say the BT already exist....the bt file store at where?

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The .torrent files are will be saved in one or several folders depending on your BitComet settings.

All .torrent files are saved in the \Program Files\BitComet\torrents folder at the moment when you add the task into your Task List and will stay there until such time that you delete the task.


  • If you have enabled Torrent History in BitComet options, then a copy of the .torrent file will also be added in the \archive folder. You can at any time view it in the Torrent History category of the Favorites panel on the left. It will remain here even if you delete the task from your Task List, except if you put a checkmark in the check-box before: "Also remove from Torrent History", on the delete confirmation dialog. Or you can delete them manually from the Torrent History window.
  • If you have enabled Torrent Exchange then you may also find a copy of the .torrent file in the \share folder. These copies you can manage through the Torrent Share category on the left.

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