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Please help: Torrent file decoding failed! Please try to re-download the torrent!


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I opened my BitComet 1.20 and I got this error message: Torrent file decoding failed! Please try to re-download the torrent!

I don't know what to do. The biggest problem is now I cannot open any of my movie files. In other words, when I highlight a movie file

and then click on "open directory" it will not respond, it will not let me open. I am still able to download but cannot extract my movie files

and transfer them into "my documents". Greatly appreciated if anyone knows what can be done, I have a lot of movie files either downloaded or

are still downloaading. Thanks!

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a .torrent file is quite a different thing from a movie file. The .torrent file has a defined structure containing the hash values of the pieces of its related movie file

When you get that error message, it means that the .torrent file was somehow corrupted. This usually happens when there's an error downloading it, and you usually just have to download it again -- sometimes waiting a day or so.

The rest of your problem, if any, has far too many pronouns. Please ask again, avoiding all use of the word, "it".

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Deeply appreciated! Currently, the most serious problem for me is that I am no longer able to "extract" any of my movie files out of BitComet and

into "my documents". For example, previously when a movie has completed its download I would click on the tab "open directory" and then I will be able to get the movie files. Now, when I hit the "open directory" tab it will not respond and I don't really know any other ways to "extract" my movies. Many Thanks!

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