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Import and Export Torrent Archive

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I am using BitComet 1.16 and XP and have changed my downloading computer...After reading the forum i moved the tasks and settings across OK by what greywizard said..............

"Go to the File -> Import and Export menu in BitComet and in the export section select a location and filename of your choice for the backup file."

I would now like to move my "Torrent Archive" history over and need a little more HELP please......

I have downloaded more files and that history is on the new computer.......... :rolleyes:

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Go to Program Files\BitComet and copy the \archive folder on some removable media.

Then paste it in the same location on the other computer, if it uses the same OS. If not you'll have to say more details.

Or you could paste it through the network if the 2 computers are networked together.

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