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Help please?! very slow bitcomet download rate

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i have the linksys wireless internet router.. and the bitcomet download rate is very very slow.. i was told there is a way to adjust my wireless settings to increase the bitcomet download rate.. but i have no idea how to.. can anybody help? any form of help is higly apreicated thank you..

and if u guys can dumb it down.. am no computer genius!!

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First look here

then look here

Not a very good start for you. BitComet is free software. That implies that since you didn't pay for it, you do need to make more effort to teach yourself, to help yourself, to learn for yourself, much more than you might expect for a product that you've paid for. You don't get spoon-fed or coddled, you've got to seize the initiative to educate yourself. That's the way of free software.

When you spot things that say, "READ BEFORE POSTING", then you need to do that. There is a section called "Frequently-Asked Questions" which contains answers to questions like yours which people frequently ask. You should read that section to see whether your question is one of those that are frequently-asked (it is), and whether the answer might be contained therein. There is a forum called Guides and tutorials" which contains articles designed to teach you how to operate BitComet. You should look there to see if the matter than you need assistance with, is covered by one or more of them. (Which it is.)

Finally, there is a search function which allows you to search all of these subforums and their rich history, for in the years that they have been operational, it's possible that someone else has asked, and been answered, about this very question. Which they have.

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